What is TiffinTime?

TiffinTime is a closed-loop system where delicious vegetarian meals are delivered to your home in reusable stainless-steel tiffin boxes by fairly-remunerated bicycle couriers.

Sustainability is one of the core values at TiffinTime. Our model strives to address a number of aspects within this multi-faceted concept:

  • Our vegetarian recipes are built around fresh, seasonal ingredients and healthy plant-based proteins like legumes and pulses.
  • Our stainless-steel tiffins are highly durable and reusable. TiffinTime is a closed-loop system, preventing the single-use waste associated with takeaway meals.
  • Pre-orders allow us to keep food waste to a minimum as we know exactly how much we have to cook for each delivery day.
  • Our tiffins are delivered by bicycle, the most efficient transport solution for urban deliveries. We are very mindful about ensuring that our couriers are fairly remunerated.

What is a tiffin?

A tiffin box is a multi-compartment lunchbox designed to carry home-cooked meals, and is commonly used in India. Typically made of stainless steel, these stackable containers keep different food items separate and fresh. They often have two to four tiers, allowing for a variety of dishes. It is an excellent eco-friendly option for a meal on-the-go as it does not generate any single-use waste. Modern tiffin boxes may also be made from plastic and include features like insulation and leak-proof lids, catering to contemporary needs while preserving their traditional practicality.

Also called a ‘dabba’, this nifty eco-solution is the namesake for the Mumbai Dabbawalas. This system is famous for delivering tiffin boxes from homes to workplaces with remarkable precision and efficiency.


About us

My name is Zia and TiffinTime is my attempt to bring a bit of Mumbai, where I am from, to Brussels, where I now live. As I gradually moved over to a mostly vegetarian diet, I realised that, here, vegetarian meal options can often be unimaginative and lacklustre – in stark contrast with India where you have so much delicious vegetarian food to choose from. Furthermore, I have always found the Mumbai Dabbawala system ingenious, where the eco-friendliness is a bonus, in addition to convenience and practicality.

I’m Gautier, a photographer from the Namur region, now based in Brussels. If I think back, I always leaned towards a vegetarian diet and living in Lisbon and London introduced me to different cuisines where vegetables were the main event, not just a side. My first trip to India was truly eye-opening in this regard! While I love a takeaway from time to time, I know the pressures of the current food delivery model first-hand, having worked as a bike delivery courier myself.

With TiffinTime, our aim is to provide a holistic solution – a vibrant vegetarian meal that comes in an eco-friendly tiffin as part of a sustainable closed-loop delivery system. Who said a takeaway can’t be wholesome, eco-friendly and guilt-free all at the same time? ?