What are TiffinCredits?

Your tiffin deposit is shown on your user profile as TiffinCredits. It’s a way for you and for us to keep track of whether you have returned your tiffins. When you place your first order, you will pay 45 euros as your tiffin deposit, which covers two stacks of 3 tiffins (basically two orders). As long as you have only one stack with you, you can place an order without paying for additional TiffinCredits. By returning your tiffins each time you receive your next order, your TiffinCredits will keep rolling over to cover subsequent orders. If you have two stacks with you, TiffinCredits will be automatically added to your next order. You can check the status of your tiffins (delivered/returned) and your TiffinCredits in your user account.

What does the deposit cover?

The deposit of 45 euros paid while placing your first order covers two stacks of 3 tiffins each, two insulated tiffin bags, and normal wear and tear of these reusable items. Please help us maintain a closed loop by making sure to return all items each time. The deposit will be automatically added during your first order and will then be visible in your account as TiffinCredits. It will roll over to cover the deposit for future orders, as long as you have returned previous tiffins.

How do I return my tiffins?

Simply return your tiffins to our bike courier when they come by with your next order. If you wish to stop using TiffinTime and still have tiffins with you, please submit a request for refund of TiffinCredits in your account. We will be in touch to plan a moment for you to return your tiffins, and then proceed with the refund of your tiffin deposit.

How can I get my deposit back?

To minimise the number of transactions, the tiffin deposit is not collected and returned for each order. Instead, it is only collected once, when you place your first order and then stored in your account as Tiffin Credits. If you decide you no longer wish to use TiffinTime, submit a request for refund of your TiffinCredits. We will check in our system to ensure that all your tiffins have been returned and will then refund the deposit amount to you, or be in touch to plan a moment for you to return your tiffins.
If you have purchased additional TiffinCredits, the same procedure applies – submit a request for refund of the number of TiffinCredits of your choice and we will process it as soon we have checked your tiffin returns in our system.

I have returned my tiffins but the status still says ‘Delivered’. What should I do?

There is a time lag between you returning the tiffins to our bike courier and their status being updated in our system. It might be worth checking again after 24h. If there is still an issue, please contact us and we will resolve it as soon as possible.


How will my meal be delivered?

Your meal will be delivered to your doorstep by bicycle courier. Please make sure that someone is there for receive your order or provide clear instructions in case the tiffins can be dropped off in your absence.

When will my meal be delivered?

Your meal will be delivered on Friday between 17h00 and 20h00. A more precise time slot will be communicated to you on Thursday. Currently, we offer deliveries on Friday only.

Where do you deliver?

Discover where we deliver in Brussels on the following map or during the check-out process by entering your address.

We hope to expand our delivery radius as we grow, please leave us a message here if you are interested and we will let you know when we come to your neighborhood!

Can I provide some special delivery instructions?

Yes, please, we highly recommend it! Our bike couriers knowing in advance that your doorbell doesn’t work or that there is a different name on the door helps ensure a smooth delivery. Simply fill the delivery instructions box at checkout.

Does someone have to be there to receive the delivery?

Yes, someone has to be there to receive the delivery and return the empty tiffins. However, if it is possible for our courier to drop off the tiffins in a safe place in your absence, please provide detailed instructions while placing your order, and ensure that the empty tiffins are ready for pick-up in the same location. Please note that TiffinTime takes no responsibility for any potential issues with tiffin delivery or returns in case of such a drop-off.


What can I expect in my tiffins?

Your TiffinTime dinner consists for four elements – a snack or finger food for apero, a veggie starter, a main dish and a side to mop up the gravy. They will come packed in a stack of three reusable stainless-steel tiffins housed in an insulated bag. Our menus draw from Indian cuisine but not only – our aim to create a delicious, balanced meal where the different elements complement each other and highlight the best produce the season has to offer. You can expect bold flavours (that doesn’t always mean spicy), fresh veggies and herbs, nutritious nuts and seeds, and protein-packed legumes and pulses.

Are the meals cold or hot?

The meals are delivered cold and we have detailed heating instructions for each menu on our website. Our stainless-steel tiffins are oven-proof (without the lid) and you can heat up your meal by putting them in the oven. 
We would recommend storing your tiffins in the fridge until you are ready to eat and to consume the meal within the next 48 hours.

Can I put my tiffin in the microwave?

No, the tiffins are not microwave safe. However, they can be heated in the oven (without the lid).

Can the tiffins be adapted to specific dietary needs?

Unfortunately, it is not possible for us to customise TiffinTime meals at the moment. However, we offer vegan and gluten-free meals regularly, and allergens are clearly indicated in the menu description in UPPER CASE. Please note that all the meals are prepared in the same kitchen and could contain low levels of all allergens. Our recipes also change from time to time, so it’s always a good idea to check the ingredient list provided with the heating instructions, just in case. 
A group order can be tailored to your needs, please contact us for more information.

Can I order more than one stack of tiffins for the same delivery date?

Yes, no problem! You might have to purchase some additional TiffinCredits to cover the tiffin deposit, which will be automatically added to your cart if necessary.

Can I order a meal for one?

Unfortunately, this is not possible. The proportional delivery cost for a single portion is too high and not viable within our model. As long as the tiffins are stored in the fridge, you have 48 hours to get through the food, and it’s always useful to have some leftovers for a quick meal!


Why do I have to order in advance?

Pre-orders help us to minimise food waste – we know exactly how many people we have to cook for. Knowing in advance also allows us to plan the delivery route based on your address.

My plans have changed, can I cancel my order?

Yes, you can cancel your order by Wednesday, 16h00 for a full refund. You can still cancel your order until Thursday, 16h00, and the corresponding amount will be credited to your user profile for future purchases. If you need to cancel post Thursday, please let us know so we can take that into account while planning our deliveries; however, it will not be possible to offer a refund nor a credit note at this stage. Please reply to your order confirmation for any cancellations.

Why won’t my order go through?

It could be that you have missed the order deadline (Wednesday, 16h00) or the meal in question is sold out. Your address might be outside our current delivery radius, but you should see a message to that effect if that is the case. If none of the above reasons apply, we apologise for the inconvenience. Please contact us and we will do our best to solve it quickly.